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May/June 2017 issue out now

Monthly Story

 Slimming World changed my life – It gave me a new life and now I am smiling again!

I seem to have been on some diet or another for as long as I remember.

Failed attempt after failed attempt on restrictive diets saw my weight go up and down for many years – I always seemed to be bigger than my friends.

I wore a pretend smile in front of people to try to make it easier not to deal with my emotions, but I hated that I wasn’t happy inside myself and hoped one day I would find a way of losing weight that I could manage long term.

My name is Panagiota Georgiou and one day in March 2016, a conversation with my friend Doxoulla changed my life.

Doxoulla had joined Slimming World in our local village of Meneou and was happily losing weight – she simply asked if I wanted to go along, little did we know….that was the start of something amazing!!

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