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Slimming World Magazine

November/December 2017 issue out now

Monthly Story

I am Giorgos Nicolaides and I am from Limassol.

For years I tried to lose weight with various diets – but to the contrary, with every new attempt, all I managed to do was to deprive myself, give up – and gain back any weight I lost plus more.

I got to a stage where I didn’t want to hear about diets any more. I was disappointed in myself and felt that I would never manage to lose my extra weight.

Before I found Slimming World I weighed 23stone 1/2 lb (150kg)

I had big problems at work and it was a task to walk up the stairs of my own house which is on the 1st floor.

My health was also suffering. I had circulation problems in my legs due to my weight and at night I could not sleep or rest because of the problems I had with my breathing.

I even got to the stage where I needed an oxygen mask for relief.

I had a great problem finding clothes to fit me as I could never find my size.

My psychological state was a mess, and because of this my excess weight affected not only me but my wife and children too.

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